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Holi is also a scientific cause, know importance

Holi is also a scientific cause, know importance
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Holi is not just a festival or tradition but it is also very important from the environment to your health. You know the religious reason to celebrate Holi, but do you know the scientific reason? Know some scientific facts related to the Holi festival –

Scientists say that we should be thankful to our ancestors that they started to celebrate the festival of Holi at a very opportune time. But the festival of Holi is so much fun that people are unaware of its scientific reasons.
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The festival of Holi comes at a time in the year when people are in a state of distress due to change in weather. It is natural to feel some tiredness and lethargy of the body due to the warm weather of cold weather. To overcome this slowness of body, people sing loudly only during this season of Phag, but speaking is also a little too loud.
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The music played in this season is also very fast. All these things provide new energy to the human body. Apart from this, when the color and Abir (in pure form) are inserted on the body, it has a unique effect on it.

According to Dr. Pradhan of Yogashram, colorful water prepared with flowers on the Holi on the body, by putting Abir and Gulal in pure form, it has an effect on the body and it gives the body freshness. Biologists believe that Gulal or Abir stimulates the skin of the body and gets absorbed in the knees and strengthens the body’s ionosphere, improves the health and improves its superiority.
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There is another scientific reason to celebrate Holi festival. Although it is associated with the tradition of the Holika dahan. This period of the end of autumn and the arrival of spring season increases the growth of bacteria in the environment and the body, but when the bonfire is burnt, the temperature increases to about 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to tradition, when people revolve around Holika, then the heat emanating from the Holika destroys the bacteria present in the body and surrounding environment. And thus it cleanses the body and the environment.

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From the manner in which the Holi is celebrated in South India, it encourages good health. After Holika Dahan, people in this area impose the ash of the fires of the Holika as vibhuti and for good health they consume sandalwood and green buds of green herbs and mango trees.

Some scientists also believe that playing with colors has a positive effect on health because the colors affect our body and mental health in many ways. Western physicians and doctors believe that colors are an important place for a healthy body.

The lack of any particular color in our body gives birth to many diseases and can be treated only by supplying that particular color.

On the occasion of Holi, people also clean up their homes, so that dust groves, mosquitoes and other germs are wiped out. A clean house usually gives a happy feeling to those who live in it, and also gives positive energy.



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