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Holi in Bengal

holi in bengal
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There is a specific elan in the way Holi is praised in the province of West Bengal. Panache is included by the nearness of the rich Bengal culture and the presence of Shantiniketan.

Basant Utsav

The high purpose of this state is the festival of ‘Basant Utsav’. The custom was reintroduced by artist and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore at Shantiniketan, the University he established. ‘Basant Utsav’ signifies ‘Spring Festival’, here young men and young ladies euphorically welcome Spring, the period of Hope not simply with colors but rather with tunes, move, droning of songs in the peaceful mood of Shantiniketan.

Dol Purnima

On the Dol Purnima day in the early morning, the understudies spruce up in saffron-colored garments and wear laurels of fragrant blossoms. They sing and move to the backup of melodic instruments displaying a captivating perspective to the spectators and a memory to appreciate for a considerable length of time.

The celebration is commended in a stately way by setting the symbols of Krishna and Radha on a pleasantly finished palanquin which is then taken round the fundamental roads of the city. The enthusiasts alternate to swing them while ladies move around the swing and sing reverential tunes. This while men continue splashing colored water and color powder, ‘abeer’ at them.

The leader of the family, watches quick and goes to Lord Krishna and Agnidev. After all the customary ceremonies are finished, he spreads Krishna’s object of worship with gulal and offers “bhog” to both Krishna and Agnidev.


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